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Enhance Your Business With Brick Design

Brick is known for its superior durability and strength, but its benefits don't stop there. Brick is also a stylish, timeless and versatile material that can transform your restaurant into a truly unique and enjoyable space. If you're looking for a way to attract new customers and give your existing customers a refreshed experience, brick design offers a variety of options.

Accent Wall

When a customer comes to dine in your restaurant, your menu and superior service deserve credit, but not all of it. Remember, before a guest is greeted by a host or takes a bite of your delicious cuisine, they will take in the interior look of your restaurant. From there, they start forming a lasting opinion.

A beautiful brick accent wall is a great way to start things off on a positive note. A stunning accent wall near the entrance of your business sends a message that your establishment is polished and savvy, yet laidback and welcoming.

To get the most from the wall, paint the remaining walls in a contrasting color so that the brick can stand out and remember you can also paint the brick.


Much like a beautiful brick accent wall, brick flooring is another nice touch that can improve the interior design of your business and best of all; its look only gets better with time. As the brick ages, it will remain intact, but take on an attractive weathered and textured look.

If you want a more dramatic look, you can install the brick all over and for something more subtle, but still stunning, install the brick flooring in a specified area, such as only in the waiting area.

With a professional installer, the brick is leveled and sealed to provide an even and secure walking surface. Additionally, since brick is a porous material, brick flooring is treated with a chemical sealant to ward off mold growth and staining.

Partition Wall

When a customer steps into your restaurant, they probably just see one large room. However, as a restauranteur, you know so much more and see several different areas. You visualize an entry, waiting, bar, dining, kitchen, and restroom area.

To ensure a smooth and safe flow of traffic throughout the restaurant and to keep your guests happy, creating some division between these areas is essential. Installing a brick covered partition wall is an excellent solution for this need.

Instead of installing something like a glass panel divider, with brick, you get a character-infused addition that is still functional and durable. Additionally, given its durability, should customers rest against the partition from time to time, you can have confidence that the structure is secure and able to withstand this level of wear.

Outdoor Bar

For much of the year, the Memphis area has temperatures that are favorable for outdoor enjoyment. Combine this great weather with a stylish outdoor bar, and you have the perfect recipe for a happy customer.

From happy hour to Sunday brunch, your guests will enjoy this space. In addition to nice aesthetics, a brick bar can easily withstand exposure to the elements. From sun exposure to hail and even the occasional snowfall, your brick bar will remain intact, which is a quality you simply won't find in options like tile or granite.

Additionally, in the event of a fire, the noncombustible makeup of brick can help keep a fire contained and prevent it from spreading.

The great style delivered by brick designs will keep your customers happy, and its durability will keep you satisfied. At Whitney-Anderson Building Group, we can help you invite these and many other brick design additions to your restaurant.