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3 Tips for Selecting Brick for Your Business's Exterior

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Brick is a durable, classic exterior material that looks great on nearly any style of building. With so many styles and colors of brick available, how do you select the right brick look for your business? Here are three tips to help.

1. Consider the Setting

Stand back and take a good, long look at the property where your structure is located. Is the business part of an industrial district, or is the structure situated all by itself on a large piece of land?
If your business is located close to other industrial or commercial buildings, choose a brick color that stands out from the pack. If other businesses have gray, off-white, or sand-colored bricks, use a more colorful brick for your building. The distinctive brick color will help customers identify and find you.
For an industrial building that's isolated on its own large property, any brick color is a good choice. Increase the energy efficiency of your stand-alone commercial structure by choosing white or pale-colored bricks that reflect the sun. The lighter color combined with the thermal properties of brick will keep your structure cooler in the hottest months.
Because brick is made of clay and other natural materials, you can use the material on urban or rural facilities. Some bright paint colors look shabby or tacky on structures nestled in the woods, but brick facades blend in with any background.
If your structure is surrounded by trees, choose a reddish color brick for a warmer facade. Use a white, gray, or sand-colored brick to exude a professional air. For example, a bed and breakfast finished in red brick is welcoming in the woods. A dentist's or contractor's office in a forest setting appears stately in gray or white bricks.

2. Explore the Possibilities

Traditional bricks have plenty of competition. Bricks are now manufactured in a wide selection of colors and sizes to create unique architectural enhancements.
Brick colors available today include the following:
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Terracotta
  • White
  • Yellow
Bricks are also available in multicolored hues with attractive mixtures of brown, gray, and tan. Multicolored bricks add interest to plain architecture, and they look great when paired with bricks, siding, or trim in solid colors.
When it comes to shapes of bricks, you aren't limited to the plain rectangular style. Standard rectangular bricks measure around two by four by eight inches. If you want a beefier brick facade, choose the thicker and longer bricks known as king bricks.
If you want a different look, consider Roman bricks. Roman bricks are thinner and longer than standard bricks. Thin Roman bricks add interesting texture and proportions to buildings and can be used as accents and enhancements with standard bricks. Your brick supplier can show you how the various sizes of bricks appear when installed on a structure.

3. Think of Your Message

Like your commercial advertisements, your facility sends a message about your business. Are you running a no-nonsense industry or an all-frills resort?
Convey a serious business personality with sedate-colored bricks and a standard bricklaying pattern. Durable, traditional brick facades present a strong, long-lasting exterior to the world, and they show you care about quality and craftsmanship.
For a restaurant or commercial facility with an Old World, esoteric, or ethnic branding message, choose bricks that echo textures from ancient cities and historic structures. Reclaimed bricks have smooth edges and aged looks that can make a new structure seem old and enduring.
Textured bricks give a boost to modern buildings. The faces of the bricks have interesting patterns that catch the light. Sand-struck bricks are placed in sand to create a roughened surface on the face of the brick. Plain-struck bricks feature irregular lines on the front-facing side of the bricks.
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